Home Service Leads

LGT’s strategy is to use targeted media placements to bring homeowners together with home warranty, solar installation and vehicle services companies. We create and manage Home Services direct response campaign.
At Lead Generation Technologies, we understand you prefer to spend your time out in the field. That is why we are offering to create and fully manage a successful direct response campaign to bring in new clients in Home Service industry, leaving you time to focus on what you do best. We have been helping contractors with inbound call generation since 2006. We guarantee that our proven strategies will increase your revenue while saving you time.

Verticals available for immediate lead generation opportunities:

  • Vehicle Service Quotes
  • Solar Installation

Grow Your Business with DRTV Campaigns

It is our goal to grow your business through direct response lead generation. We have helped a multitude of businesses in the United States through the latest DRTV technology and can help you too.

Our Home Service Brands are represented in our commercials, strong web presence and aggressive marketing campaigns.

Four quarters Home Advisors

Lead generation in the solar industry is a number 1 priority task for solar installers looking to grow their business and help more consumers take advantage of the benefits of solar. We only target homeowners that are actively searching for a solar, delivering highest conversion rates in the industry.

Our solar leads are generated by TV commercials, where the contact is initiated by the consumer, with outstanding conversion rates.

Repair Defender

Repair Defender is an exciting brand that appeals to consumers’ pocket books, connecting drivers to vehicle service providers to fight costly repair bills.

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