Financial Leads

Our Financial Brands represented in our commercials have strong web presence and aggressive marketing campaigns.

Let our financial lead generation solution remove barriers that prevent you from in growing your business.
People who are seeking tax relief advice, mortgage help or credit card debt guidelines from financials professionals are watching our commercials and calling your business in real time.

The following verticals are available for immediate lead generation opportunities:

  • Tax debt relief leads
  • Student loan debt leads
  • Credit card debt leads
  • Settlement funding leads
  • Structured settlement leads
  • Foreclosure and mortgage leads

Featured Brands

Our Financial Brands represented in our commercials have strong web presence and aggressive marketing campaigns. All Lead Generation Technologies financial brands feature the following benefits:
  • Brand equity, providing instant trust and credibility with consumer prospects
  • Exclusive leads with 100% contact rate
  • Pick and choose the times of day you want to receive leads
  • Geo-target to optimize your campaign


Debt10000 is a company that connects people who owe $10,000 or more in credit card debt, or other unsecured loans, with a debt relief professional.

Millions people see our commercials each month and calling to get help with their credit card debts. Join our network of financial professionals to get connected to these people right away.

The Tax 10000 Network

Tax 10000 is the leading destination for taxpayers seeking help with back taxes amounting to $10,000 or more.

This brand is connecting people who need help with their federal and state tax debt, individual and business, with the the best tax relief specialists around the country. Join our national Tax 10000 Network, and start helping people who are looking for tax debt relief specialists.

Choice Policy

Choice Policy is the leading destination for consumers seeking a better insurance quote. This no-gimmick approach to providing consumers a competitive rate quote leverages our access to a nationwide footprint of television media to provide brokers and carriers highly motivated leads.

Foreclosure Light

Foreclosure Light connects homeowners who are facing foreclosure with a mortgage loan professional. For all homeowners, facing foreclosure is an absolute nightmare. There are ways to stop the foreclosure process. The fastest way to stop the foreclosure process is to consult with a foreclosure specialist to get the most accurate picture of your situations and available options. Foreclosure Light commercials are available to run across our entire TV network in all 50 states. Contact our sales team for more information.

Relion Financial

By using the recognized name of the Relion brand, Relion Financial branches out to the financial sector, helping consumers with their financial difficulties. From settling back taxes to consolidating student loans, and structured settlements, Relion Financial also borrows a page from the book of our legal group by streamlining marketing, allowing for quick entry into new financial verticals.

What verticals are you interested in?