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For Home Care and Senior Care companies, Lead Generation Technologies is offering ready-to-run Direct Response TV campaigns. No need to assemble your own commercial and waste time trying to place it on local TV stations. We have done it for you, no assembly required.

Lead Generation Technologies can help with any type or size of senior care facility or home care company. As a business owner, let us get you the leads, while you concentrate on following-up, and converting calls or leads into customers.

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Lead Generation Technologies has helped many Senior Care and Home Care companies, including some of the largest franchises in the U.S. We have many senior care/home care companies who are using Lead Generation Technologies to get new leads, convert leads to customers, and build on-going relationships with existing customers to grow their business.
Whether your company is a part of a franchise or an independent business in Senior Care, you need customers, and we can help you.

Caritas Senior Housing Network

Caritas Senior housing brand is a lead source for any senior housing lead types. We have a variety of different commercials for quick start.
Our success is based on three key components:

  • Award-winning, lead-generating TV commercials: We know our audiences and how to speak to them. And we know how to create the incentive that gets them to take action.
  • Outstanding sales support team: Your dedicated sales consultant doesn’t just know sales, he or she specifically knows what sells Senior Living, and can have an educated conversation with you today.
  • Media placements: We place the commercial on TV stations that are generating most profitable leads for our clients. We constantly optimize our network, using advanced analytics techniques to identify actual, quantifiable, real-time results.
Caritas Senior Housing Network

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