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Sales numbers looking a little pale? You could probably use our Medical Supplies campaigns!
Lead Generation Technologies designs and implements a solid lead generation platform to produce sales leads for medical supplies companies. We deploy high-end TV commercials extensively targeting the right audience for the medical supplies industry and generating high-quality medical supplies leads. Increase your sales growth with qualified and verified leads from Lead Generation Technologies. We deliver real time medical equipment leads for medical suppliers looking for fresh and innovative prospects.

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Medical Supply Helpline

The Medical Supply Helpline brand is lead source for any medical supplies lead type. We have variety of different commercials for an immediate start.

In this highly competitive market we are the lead generation partner that can help with your sales volume. We ensure our clients get every potential sale by uncovering prospects who are looking to buy now, educating those that do not know about medical supply solutions, or nurturing those that will be making a buying decision in the future.

At Medical Supply Helpline, we converse with all levels of medical professionals and are familiar with the latest technology, equipment, procedures, government standards and compliance issues.
Our success-proven inbound calls lead generation techniques enable us to fulfill significant budgets, all while delivering high quality leads to our clients.

We have a variety of medical supply leads available immediately. We customize and fine tune our lead generation strategies to match your goals, campaign preferences, and concurrent market trends. Use our expertise to improve your sales and ensure broad exposure for your medical supply products including:

  • Back & Knee Braces
  • Catheter Supplies
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • CPAP & BiPAP Supplies

Lead Generation Technologies has extensive experience working with most major CRM systems for lead management, including Medical Supply leads can go directly to your CRM system, providing you with real time feedback on all calling activity. A dedicated Account Manager will work with you to create marketing campaigns, custom fields for capturing critical data and campaign dashboards to track and measure program effectiveness. Leads are tasked directly to you in real time., All call results and data are maintained in your dashboard ensuring complete program visibility and control.

Medical Supplies Leads

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