How it works

Step 1. TV commercials

Our production team will deliver a highly engaging television TV spot that highlights specifics of the campaign, targeting the right audience.

We create highly targeted and engaging ads and distribute these TV ads nationwide. Our media team places TV ads on both local broadcast stations and on national networks. We utilize the “direct response” model to ultimately achieve the most calls per television airing.

Step 2. Calls and Leads

Consumers watching our commericals respond by picking up the phone or logging onto our website. These calls can be routed directly to you in real time, or to our call center where we collect pre-determind information, and send only qualified leads to your email or CRM.

Leads and calls are distributed in real time, giving you the opportunity to reach potential customers within seconds of their initial response.

Media placements

We place our commercials on TV stations throughout the U.S. targeting stations that will generate the most profitable leads for our clients. We constantly optimize our media, using advanced analytics techniques to identify actual, quantifiable, and real-time results.

Hours of operations targeting

With our sophisticated software we are able to filter calls and leads based on your call center hours should 24/7 coverage not be available.


Our geo-targeting options allows you to get only the leads from the states you operate in.

Powerfull lead management system

Step 3. Analysis

With our integrated lead management system you will find monitoring and gaining insights into your campaign is both easy and powerful. Get a peek into the lead generation world with marketing and sales insights, call recordings, and response dashboards to turbo-charge your lead generation campaign.