Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
March 2, 2018 LGT Team: Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018

Tony Guide, Sales Executive.

Heading down to the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego on February 26, 2018 I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived at the Marriott Marquis I was quite surprised at the number of attendees, which must have been over 10,000. I quickly jumped in line to grab my badge and proceeded to wait for nearly an hour to check in and grab my show swag. While in line I spoke with some reps from a Cleveland based digital agency. While exchanging elevator pitches it was clear that our campaign executions were very similar but were implemented on different platforms.

After dispensing with the traditional tradeshow check in I headed for the main ballroom to catch what was left of the opening keynote. Ryan Deiss, CEO at DigitalMarketer (the shows co-creator) welcomed all the attendees. Additionally, he gave the layout of the summit since it had events going on both sides of the hotel.

The trends in digital marketing were a central theme of the show. An emphasis on the end to end consumer experience using online videos, blog post, bot enabled tech and direct chat were all presented as major shifts in how marketers/advertisers engage consumers. Several speakers discussed the direction of consumer advertising and how digital and other types of marketing must adapt to engage the consumer in a more meaningful way.

Consumers are more informed than ever before and this means that their purchasing habits have evolved as well.

From a marketing prospective I can see how the assumption of technological advancement has changed the buying experience, but to assume that all consumers are ready to engage with brands, products and services only in these new ways is a bit of an overreach and dismisses years of successful advertising and advertising mediums. Traditional lead generation and advertising platforms remain a cornerstone in the B2B and B2C space, but I will say it was enlightening to see that the struggle to engage consumers is not limited to one medium in advertising.

Walking the show floor, it had a rich mixture of exhibitors all representing a multitude of industries. From payment processors and patent firms to digital agencies and consumer focused products and services this show was quite diverse. After speaking with prospective clients in the beauty, skincare, ingestible, and supplement space it is clear that television is a medium that wasn’t necessarily on their radar. Most assumed TV was too expensive when paying for the actual media. When I presented them with an opportunity to air on a television network that focuses on paying only on consumer response, not for the media, they quickly jumped at the opportunity to engage with REVShare. There were a handful of familiar faces, but for the most part the industries and companies that were at the summit are ones that Lead Generation Technologies does not typically come across at other shows.

During most of my conversations with exhibitors it was clear that digital and television approaches to advertising overlap greatly. I have always intuitively known this to be true, but when discussing Lead Generation Technologies’s campaign strategies with individuals in the digital space our model closely mirrors their own. Digital advertisers, marketers and agencies overall were interested in using television as a potential additional source of accountable advertising for their clients. Lead Generation Technologies capabilities in the 800, URL, promo code, and text campaign executions line up with mobile and online digital almost exactly. Television remains the most powerful advertising medium, with its massive reach. While digital has campaign flexibility and both are focused on the same endgame of driving consumer response for our clients.

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