Welcome to LeadsCon

March 14, 2018 LGT Team: Welcome to LeadsCon

Welcome to LeadsCon

LeadsCon in Las Vegas was full of energy and a total success. The conference had a decent mix of companies with different business propositions.

Among the 100+ exhibitors, were organizations catering to consumers on their needs for a call center, telephony provider, and affiliate networks looking to buy or sell leads to their end clients. While the conference created an accessible environment to network, time is always best spent on set appointments with new and existing clients looking to supplement their marketing efforts with our exclusive TV leads.

Many of them interested in our various verticals, Tax Debt, Health Insurance, Credit Consolidation, and many others. Our quick and easy process to start any campaign, facilitates client’s having access to premium media at a fraction of the cost.

Call us to find out how you can get started receiving leads today!

Andrea Godoy, Sales Director.

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