LeadsCon, March 2018

March 13, 2018 LGT Team: LeadsCon, March 2018

LeadsCon, March 2018

Tony Guide, Sales Executive.
Energy was felt the moment I walked through the doors to the annual LeadsCon conference at the Paris Hotel. In previous years this show has been one of the best annual conferences I attend, and 2018 proved to be another top-ranking show. The exhibitor hall was lined with lead generation companies of all shapes, sizes and executions. Online, direct mail, digital, television, and even a few print folks were among those gathered. The atmosphere in the convention space was exciting, partly due to the arcade basketball games set up outside the show floor and partly because attendees seemed eager to get business done.

My time at LeadsCon was evenly split between scheduled meetings on and off the show floor, as well as connecting with exhibitors. My goal was to showcase the value in leveraging CPA television to complement current advertising strategies. During my meetings I had in depth discussions about the direction of the lead gen space, regardless of platform type. Many companies in the online space spoke about the price of AdWords becoming unsustainable in some of their top verticals, and that diversifying their client offerings seemed to be a necessary next step. Still others in the mobile advertising space talked about giving their clients “brand legitimacy” to improve the consumers perception of their product/service. In all examples what was clear was that TV, and more specifically response based TV, is not as “expensive” and much more turnkey than advertisers previously thought.

While walking the show floor I was impressed by several companies. While speaking with them I shared how the use of pay per call, drive to text, and drive to web directly correlate with REVShare’s response-based television model. In the end it was great to see that the sight, sound and motion of television still resonates with advertisers and is a project most were willing to attempt. Television remains the most powerful advertising medium in the marketplace.

A major take away I saw from LeadsCon is that Lead Generation Technologies’s commitment to expand TV network relationships, and our increasing portfolio of streaming and over-the top (OTT) networks, coupled with fixed advertiser cost per action, will help all types of clients realize a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Until next time Vegas…you keep shining bright.

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