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Lead Generation Technologies

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Lead Generation Technologies provides unique access to the power of national television and radio campaigns while allowing companies to bypass the traditional barriers of entry into this dynamic advertising space. Skip the traditional production fees, distribution costs and daunting media risk of offline advertising and leave the heavy lifting to us. We build the brands that power your success.

How it works

From design to delivery, we’ll deploy effective DRTV campaigns.
We create highly targeted and engaging ads and distribute them nationwide. Our media buying team purchases media in both local markets and on national stations. We utilize the “direct response” model to ultimately achieve the most calls per dollar spent.

When our commercials air consumers respond by picking up the phone and calling. These calls can be routed directly to our clients, or to our call center where we collect the required information, filter, and send only qualified leads to clients.

All clients are assigned an Account Manager to ensure they have support every step of the way. It’s our business to help your business grow. With Lead Generation Technologies you will receive hands-on, personalized assistance throughout the life of your campaign. Give us a call today – we’re here to help.

Our success in television ad distribution is only one part of the equation. With our integrated lead management system you will find monitoring and gaining insights into your campaign is both easy and powerful. Get a peek into the lead generation world with marketing and sales insights, call recordings, and response dashboards to turbo-charge your lead generation campaign.

As a client of Lead Generation Technologies you will have access to:

  • The highest quality leads
  • Valuable lead management features
  • Exclusive “1-800” only toll free numbers
  • A Personal Account Manager


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